Green Touch International Fireplaces

Green Touch International Fireplaces

The GREENTOUCH SRL was founded in 2009 by two former officials of Supra France, who believed and decided to invest in the country with the 'intention to expand its range of products to alternative energy from biomass.

Currently, at the end of an intense research on the market comes with its own line of pellet stoves, air and hydro, which are characterized as well as the remarkable technical performance, also for the innovative design that allows the customization possibilities almost endless. It also has its own line of flue pipes, kitchens and accessories.

The commitment, ability and experience of over twenty members, has meant that the Greentouch Ltd. has achieved excellent results with a strong presence in the domestic market. The goal is to increase its activities in Italy and in Europe, expanding and evolving its products in line with new technologies and aesthetic sensibilities.


Factory :
Pentageias 15 Street Ind.Zone Dali
P.O.Box 27309 Post code 1144
Tel. +357 22 815660 - Fax +357 22 610660