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Supra Fireplaces France

The fireplace is a key feature in your home. Synonymous with well being and comfort, it is also an endless source of family pleasure. Pioneer in the field of the enclosed fireplace, SUPRA designs fireplac6s offering outstanding heating characteristics.

Making ful use of technological advances, they also offer imaginative responses to aesthetic requirements, with shapes that are sometimes classical, sometimes modern but always harmonious. Thanks to their gentle and regular heating power, you can enjoy their high level of performance is absolute safety. Naturally, they comply with all of the latest standards in force.

Moreover, as they are designed by a genuine specialist, they offer a marvelous combination of comfort and energy economy.

Two good reasons to choose their outstanding performance!

SUPRA is present in over 30 countries, with this international expansion bearing witness to our recognized skills. Our fireplaces are deigned, developed and manufactured in the heart of Europe in Obernai in Alsace and in Auneau in the heart of France.


Factory :
Pentageias 15 Street Ind.Zone Dali
P.O.Box 27309 Post code 1144
Tel. +357 22 815660 - Fax +357 22 610660