Vesconi Fireplaces

Vesconi Fireplaces

It is not enough to master the secrets of fire. These can be handed down from father to son. To turn a bright idea into a unique product you need creativity and years of experience in choosing and working with the very best materials and technologies.

For Diego and Patrizia, the third generation of the Vescovi family, at the head of the company since the 1990s, the only possible approach is one of "continuous investment in professionalism and quality".

The latest generation of the Vescovi family is still introducing new ideas, keeping a close eye on market trends and confidently planning for the future. The products illustrated in this catalogue prove the point.

Vescovi has undergone even more changes in recent years: major expansion work and thorough reorganisation of the production and management processes have transformed what was once a firm of artisans into a modern industrial company. Today's market, not only Italy but throughout Europe, requires a new approach and new ideas. Modern technology has been introduced, and the decision taken to build the future of Vescovi on quality at all costs. But the story does not finish here. With the help of the family and everybody who shares the spirit of our company's founder, the Vescovi story will continue for many years to come.


Factory :
Pentageias 15 Street Ind.Zone Dali
P.O.Box 27309 Post code 1144
Tel. +357 22 815660 - Fax +357 22 610660