• EL 9000

    Aesthetic integration of a frame and thus a project strongly depends on the choice of the rolling shutters. Modern design, excellent functionality and reliability are the main features of construction of rolling shutters.

  • EL 6800

    It's the ideal solution where it saves space and flexibility in manufacturing. The modern design meets perfect in all major constructions and provides heat and sound insulation, security, robustness and excellent functionality.

  • M-design

    Being a dynamic Belgian manufacturer of quality design heating fires, M-design has for many years been looking for innovative solutions to make the home interior even cosier and warmer. The company in Zedelgem has designed and manufactured innovative appliances for years ? lift-door stoves, inset heating fires and design heaters.

  • Vitrocsa

    With 18mm slim profiles (3/4?), the patented Vitrocsa Invisible Wall system features the world?s slimmest sight lines on its sliding walls. Proven and tested since 1993, with over 25,000 Vitrocsa units and over 1 million sqf of glazing installed in over 20 countries - without a single failure.

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Since 1985 MAVE Trading Company LTD has to show a vast of activities in the area of aluminum construction and design. The facilities of the company are 2800 square meters and are located in the Industrial area of Dali.

Fresh, creative and innovative

This is an outcome of the high quality of our products and services. The products of MAVE are certified with ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 which are the highest certificates regarding quality and safety rules in the industries.

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To maximize the quality of our products the production line is equipped with, the latest technologies on the field. The employees are highly trained and ready to satisfy even the most difficult tasks on behalf of the customers needs.

During the years MAVE developed the mechanisms to satisfy customers needs and expectations. Our quaranty our quality.

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