Supra France

The fireplace is a key feature in your home. Synonymous with well being and comfort, it is also an endless source of family pleasure.

M-Design Belgium

Being a dynamic Belgian manufacturer of quality design heating fires, M-design has for many years been looking for innovative solutions to make the home interior even cozier and warmer.

Trafortart Spain

Let the light of fire in your home. TRAFORART's classic designs bring you the flickering of the flames and avant-garde wrought iron design.


It is not enough to master the secrets of fire. These can be handed down from father to son. To turn a bright idea into a unique product you need creativity and years of experience in choosing and working with the very best materials and technologies.

Green Touch International

Was founded in 2009 by two former officials of Supra France, who believed and decided to invest in Italy with the intention to expand its range of products to alternative energy from biomass.


Fireplaces for solid fuels such as wood, briquettes, charcoal and biomass (pellet). They also have the advantage to be connected to a central heating system.


Factory :
Pentageias 15 Street Ind.Zone Dali
P.O.Box 27309 Post code 1144
Tel. +357 22 815660 - Fax +357 22 610660