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ELVIAL is the most up-to-date, fully vertically integrated and technologically advanced company in the production and processing of aluminum profiles. ELVIAL research , design and develop advanced aluminium systems to satisfy all our customers' needs for safety, insulation, functional efficiency and design. At ELVIAL the gear of development is the customer.


ELUMATEC is a family business, established in 1928 and headquartered in Mühlacker-Lomersheim in the southwest of Germany, and it has subsidiaries and agencies in over 40 countries and employs 720 members of staff worldwide. As a manufacturer of machines for PVC, steel, and aluminium profile processing we cover the whole spectrum of applications from small craft businesses to industrial profile processors.


The company sets innovative prototypes in the production of aluminium system components and aluminium railing systems. With constant plenitude and excellent service, is rapidly developing into a modern, technologically advanced and customer satisfaction oriented company. The company's focus, to ensure the highest quality of products, appears throughout its vertical production process.


Making full use of technological advances, they also offer imaginative responses to aesthetic requirements, with shapes that are sometimes classical, sometimes modern but always harmonious. Thanks to their gentle and regular heating power, you can enjoy their high level of performance in absolute safety. Naturally, they comply with all of the latest standards in force.


Being a dynamic Belgian manufacturer of quality design heating fires, M-design has for many years been looking for innovative solutions to make the home interior even cozier and warmer. The company in Zedelgem has designed and manufactured innovative appliances for years ? lift-door stoves, inset heating fires and design heaters.


From the beginning, mankind has known the fire as one of the of the strongest forces of the universe. In our company its a pleasure to think, that every single fireplace is the vertex where Natural and Human meet each other in harmony. Introducing the collection of wood, gas and bioethanol fireplaces, aimed for those who see the fireplace as an essential element of the living space.


Vescovi has undergone many changes in recent years: major expansion work and thorough reorganisation of the production and management processes have transformed what was once a firm of artisans into a modern industrial company. Modern technology has been introduced, and the decision taken to build the future of Vescovi on quality at all costs.

Green Touch

The GREENTOUCH SRL was founded in 2009 by two former officials of Supra France, who believed and decided to invest in the country with the 'intention to expand its range of products to alternative energy from biomass.


Fireplaces for solid fuels such as wood, briquettes, charcoal and biomass (pellet). They also have the advantage to be connected to a central heating system.


Factory :
Pentageias 15 Street Ind.Zone Dali
P.O.Box 27309 Post code 1144
Tel. +357 22 815660 - Fax +357 22 610660