Sliding Systems

Sliding Systems

  • 3300 Inox Evo System

    The superior design and the advance technological knowledge of ELVIAL has result to the creation of the 3300 Inox Evo, a new sliding frame system which is recommended for all modern constructions that require sparing of place. The main characteristics of this system are its high quality in construction, its light structure and its soundless operation. The simple lines of the systems desigh, the excellence of the inox material and its functionality place Inox Evo among the synonyms of the modern aesthetics.

  • 6700 Slide Multilock Systems

    The first Lift & Sliding system certified at the German institute ift Rosenheim, for WK2 burglary resistance and for water tightness up to a 9 Beaufort storm. Certified burglary resistance of WK2 category. Excellent level of wind pressure resistance, air permeability and particularly of water tightness until 300 Pa for sliding frame with fixed part certified in the biggest dimensions (3.5m x 2.3m), that is equivalent to a 9 Beaufort storm with 75-88 km/h wind speed, causing damages.


    The advanced system of the THERMOBLOCK 6800 is an integrated solution for all the thermal insulating and sliding frame constructions that runs alongside the desire for the high challenges and requirements. The improved technical characteristics of the THERMOBLOCK 6800 system secure the potentiality of covering wide openings with excellent functional results, whilst still offering high levels of thermal insulation, sound reduction, security and basically maximal utilization of space.


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